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Management Training Courses

The courses offered are unique in preparing individuals for a global career.

Emphasis is placed on developing professional competencies such as effective communication and customer service, information technology, teamwork, and leadership by incorporating relevant industry projects plus sustainable and innovative practical case studies.

Elevate Your Career

The course provides students with an introduction to luxury. It will explore the concept and fundamentals of luxury and the role it plays in society, including an understanding of the psychology of luxury and motivations for purchase.

Students will also gain an understanding of the dynamics of the luxury market and industry

Course Duration: 30 hours

This course introduces students to branding and the concept of the brand; and applies branding frameworks to a luxury brand.

Students will explore the brand’s basis for luxury – its legitimacy and credentials; and examine the key facets and characteristics of a luxury brand, including the brand’s provenance and competencies, its value dimensions, as well as association with the arts; and compare luxury with premium and fashion brands to gain an appreciation for the difference.

Course Duration : 30 hours

This course explores how value is created through the brand’s marketing strategy and analyses the key components of luxury brand marketing in comparison to traditional marketing approaches.

Course Duration : 30 hours

This course explores the role of “promotion” as the final P of the marketing mix, with a specific focus on marketing communications and activities, in dream marketing, creating aspiration and maintaining the dream equation; as well as creating emotional engagement and delivering experiences through the use of different media and communication channels and the power of storytelling.

Course Duration : 30 hours

The course will expand on/or introduce (see note below) the fundamentals of service: service quality, delivery and recovery. It will explore the role of people and processes and examine service design concepts, such as the servicescape, that contribute to the overall service experience. The course will also explore the services industry in the context of luxury and its increasing importance, from concierge services to lifestyle managers and style consultants.

Course Duration : 30 hours

Through a blend of theoretical concepts, practical case studies, and interactive exercises, the course explores the unique dynamics of luxury branding and the crucial role of customer experience in this context.


Course Duration : 30 hours

This course explores the meaning of being a leader in luxury; as well as the role of innovation and the contribution of creativity and design to developing and maintaining a brand’s luxury credentials. Students will also explore innovation, design and creativity in luxury hospitality that includes architecture, interior design and visual identity; and their contribution to product development, process and service design.

Course Duration : 30 hours

This final course of the specialisation will examine some of the mega trends in the world today and how they are impacting the evolution of luxury; as well as issues specific to the luxury industry. The course will explore topics that include sustainability, social responsibility and ethical considerations, community engagement and the sharing economy. strategies in the context of sourcing of food and production in the fashion industry; and new technologies from AI to NFTs and the metaverse.

Course Duration : 30 hours

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