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Student Life and Services

In an intimate setting, where an array of nationalities mingle, MIBD brings students together, all passionate about their goals.
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MIBD’s Swiss Experience

At MIBD you will not be disappointed with your student life

As the teachers and staff care about your progress and student life. We try to provide a friendly atmosphere and interesting activities. The city offers multiple activities. The biggest advantage is that the weather is always sunny. The transport network is safe, easy, fast and accessible to all.

The population of Dubai is composed of just 20% native residents while the remaining consists of expat communities from different parts of the world. This diversified multi-national community offers to the city always something to celebrate as various festivals are organized all over the year.

Finally the most valuable reason to study in Dubai is that The United Arab Emirates is one of the safest countries in the world according to the Crime Index 2022.

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